The Team

Very keen on his lighting. A Nikon camera user, bit of a techie who likes to keep up to speed with the newest toys. "I like all of us will do whatever it takes to get the best picture possible. We want to give our clients the best experience possible. It goes without saying that we want customers to be happy to use us and recommend us to others"

Paul B

I'm the original Nikon man and use it exclusively in the studio and on location. "We take a personal interest in getting to know every one of our clients whether it be a boudoir shoot or a family portrait session so we can address their specific needs in a professional and timely manner"


Tony is a very keen photographer in his own right. He is our Facebook and Flickr Guru.... Another Canon user Tony is determined to ensure that we give the best value to our clients we can and going the extra mile to ensure that the visit is as pleasant an experience as possible.

Paul W
Paul white is the new member of the festival team and has just joined us he has had his own studio and is very keen to work with us and bring some new models in to the studio