What we do

The Festival Studio Team are not simply a team of photographers who love to take a good picture, they also enjoy spreading their experience to other aspiring photographers. It doesnt matter what age, everyone can always learn something new!

Studio Lighting Tutorials
We deliver studio lighting lessons for those new to studio work or who just need to refresh their memories. Everything from understanding lighting set-ups, posing, metering light and how to work effectively with 1, 2 and 3 lights. Different techniques for groups and individuals.

Group Shoot Workshops
We lay on regular workshops at the studio, allowing people to 'Cut their teeth' in a safe environment. Subject matters range from Lingerie, Dance, Fashion through to Art Nude. Models are supplied skilled in the subject matter and photographers have the opportunity to take pictures both to enhance their portfolios or to gain confidence within a controlled environment and to learn a little more about studio lighting


1 to 1 tutorials

We can teach you techniques and recaps individually which can be done by any member of the Festival Studio Team. Simply book a suitable time with the team member you wish to speak to. We are happy to teach you how to use your camera more effectively, whether a new compact camera or sophisticated DSLR. Exposure, composition, white balance, focussing and metering and how to be more creative with your picture taking.

You can learn how to use studio flash lights, simple lighting techniques and how to pose people for portraits, groupshots and glamour